Madame Valérie BACHELARD-ZIV

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Data: 13 listopada 2012, 17:12:53
Temat: Please use your veto "power"

We call upon you to take action to prevent the passage of the bill known as 'The Seeds Act' passing into law.

It is our understanding that this Act will open Poland to the commercial planting of GM seeds and plants and to their 'coexistence' with non GM plants.

This will destroy the good name of Polish food and farming amongst those who particularly single-out Poland for its high quality produce.
It will also directly conflict with citizens rejection of GMO throughout Europe and the fact that nine European Countries have already banned GM maize MON 810, including France and Germany.

We now also have dramatic evidence that ingesting even small doses of GM feed causes major health problems, including infertility, cancer and death, in rodents tested under laboratory conditions by acclaimed scientists.

Those who knowingly open their Countries to such deadly foods must be held responsible for the outcome. There is absolutely no case to be made for allowing GM ingredients into the food chain. It is simply a sign that those who hold political office are afraid of confronting the corporations who have absolutely no interest in human, animal or environmental health.

Pan President, we count on you to support the promotion of good, sustainable farming practices and real food, by refusing to allow genetically modified seeds and plants to be imported and grown in your Country.


Madame Valérie BACHELARD-ZIV

Uzes in the South of France
Friday the 20th.
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