Anna, San Clemente, USA


Letter to the Polish President which calls upon him to urgently freeze any Spring planting of the GM maize MON 810

To: the Polish President Lech Kaczyński

Dear Mr President,

A unique opportunity to protect Poland from Monsanto?s genetically modified maize MON 810 presents itself at this moment.

Germany has now followed the lead taken by France, Hungary, Austria, Greece and Luxembourg, banning MON 810 on grounds of ?environmental threat?.

This action, as you are no doubt aware, comes on top of a majority of EU Countries voting earlier this year NOT to force Austria and Hungary to lift their MON 810 bans; and, more recently, postponing any action against France?s ban.

This sequence of events signals the beginning of a turning of the tide in Europe, against GMO. It also offers Poland the opportunity to increase this equilibrium by following the example set by the Countries stated above, and banning MON 810 from being planted on Polish soil, on the same terms as those cited by Germany and indeed the other EU Countries.

Bearing in mind that we now have clear independent scientific evidence of both severe environmental and human health risks directly associated with GM crops and animal feeds, the ?Precautionary Principle? can be evoked and a freeze put on any further GM trials and plantings, in order to protect Poland from irresponsible contamination of the food chain.

We do most humbly call upon you, Mr President, to use your powers to block any Spring planting of the GM Maize MON 810, and thereby protect the purity of the Polish and our countryside and the Polish and our foods that emanate from it.

Sincerely, Anna, San Clemente, USA

With information to:Marek Sawicki - Minister Rolnictwa i Rozwoju Wsi, Maciej Nowicki - Minister Środowiska, Ewa Kopacz - Minister Zdrowia, Jan K. Ardanowski - Doradca Prezydenta RP

Friday the 22nd.
Copyright 2012


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