Anthony Lovage


Respect President,

I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful countryside in the vicinity of Jeleniagora earlier this year with my family, Although I had visited the Eco-centre and farm at Milkov some years ago I was impress by the progress made in the intervening years and the abundance of organic crops and diversity flora and fauna that I found thriving on the farmland environment. I was made aware through local grower and residents that there is a rich tradition of small scale as well more commercial arable cultivation in Poland?s rich and pleasant land. You will be only too aware of the price paid in lives of my fathers generation for the peace and prosperity now enjoy throughout the European Union. I studied pre and post war rural economy and methods, and it is my firm belief that self sustainability and the age tested farming traditions in farming and diversity have a key role to play in these uncertain times.
I believe that the commercial conglomerates of US companies are attempting to exploit the fear of shortages and climate change by introducing GMO?s in the face of recent scientific evidence of the dire negative effects on health after four month on experimental animal testing for carcinogenicity.

I calimplore you to take executive action to prevent the passage of the proposed bill known as 'The Seeds Act' passing into law.

It is my decisive understanding that this Act will open Poland to the irreversable commercial planting of GM seeds and plants and to their 'coexistence' with non GM plants in the greater environment

This will not only destroy the purity of land flora and fauna but also the good name of Polish food and farming amongst those in the UK & EU who value Poland for its high quality produce.
It will also directly conflict with citizens rejection of GMO throughout Europe and the fact that nine European Community Countries have already banned GM maize MON 810, including France and Germany.

There is now evidence that ingesting even small doses of GM feed causes major health problems, including infertility, cancer and death in rodents tested under laboratory conditions by acclaimed scientists.

Those who innocently or mistakenly open their Countries to such deadly foods realize the cost and responsible for the possible outcome. There is a no logical case to be made for allowing GM ingredients into the food chain. If it isn?t broken why try to fix it?

Capitulation to the heavily financed lobbying is a sign that those who hold political office are afraid of confronting the corporations who exert such pressure for fiscal gain alone, display greed and have little interest in humane standards of stewardship for animal or environmental health.

Pan President, we count on you to support the promotion of proven sustainable farming practices and real food, by refusing to allow genetically modified seeds and plants to be imported and grown in your Country.

Yours sincerely,

Friday the 22nd.
Copyright 2012


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