Charmian Larke, Wielka Brytania


Dear President

I understand that you have the opportunity now on your desk veto the GMO Seeds Act, which would allow GM organisms into Poland.

I beg you not to allow this act to pass for the following reasons:-

  • it hands control of your food supplies to the likes of Monsanto- an American company which has only its own interests at heart and which sues and bankrupts farmers who have been contaminated with GM pollen - against their own wishes
  • these GM seeds, to perform well, generally need higher doses of fertiliser and herbicides- which leads to higher input costs and major health problems for soils, farmers and in the long term the local population
  • very quickly GM seeds show major crop failures
    • without high inputs they do not crop heavily
    • GM seeds generally only achieve the same or lower yields than conventional seeds
    • they are not able to cope with variable weather such as we now get with climate change
  • GM crops lead to super weeds- ie weeds resistant to Roundup- the herbicide most are set to resist- therefore farmers resort to higher levels of more dangerous chemicals to reduce weed infestation
  • GM contamination of honey will inevitably lead to a further decline of the Polish bee population - risking all insect pollinated crops
  • GM contamination means no more organic produce- which is the most resilient form of agricultural production during times of change such as we face now.

Overall allowing GM seeds into your country will also reduce the sales potential of your renowned jams and other processed food crops- Nowhere in Europe does anyone want to eat GM produce.


Charmian Larke

Friday the 20th.
Copyright 2012


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